Interested of creating world class solutions with Suunto? There are millions of people running and cycling, enjoying outdoor life and getting healthier by being active with Suunto devices. If you have an application or digital service that would need be connected with sport devices or activity tracking, you in right place. You can start building a solution that is fueled by Suunto devices and their passionate customers. We can provide you an API which enables you to access persons personal information when he/she wants to connect with you tools. The API is growing step by step, so new contents and functionalities are being worked as our offering evolves. You can always also give us feedback on topics that you are mainly interested.

What can you do?

Aplication interface (API) provides you possibility to access the workout data tracked with Suunto devices. The API provides you the FIT files common in sports industry. These files contain all the summary information from the activity such as duration, average heart rate, distance covered. These also have all the measured samples such as heart rate, r-r data, power data, altitude, temparute. These files also contain GPS tracks. API authorisation is based on OAuth2. This provides the possibility for Suunto customer to authorize your application to access his/her data. The API capabilities are growing. We will update all the partners using our API reguarly about the updates and publish the latest additions here in API central.

Who is this for?

The API will be provided to companies, organisations who are providing tools / apps / services for public audience. We currently don't offer the API access for personal use. We are reviewing the applicants based on for example the fit to our brand, interest from our customers and illustration of the innovation mindset We do not charge from the use of the API.

SuuntoPlus for Suunto watches

Suunto has also a tools which you can use to build apps for Suunto watches. These can be used for example to develop sensor compatibilty or own unique branded features.

Learn about the SuuntoPlus at SuuntoPlus.

Commercial & marketing

When you have a solution that is compatible with Suunto products we want to tell new and existing costumers about this. You can have your application showcased in and promoted in our media channels. Suunto is also interested of being part of you marketing actions and provide you also ways to promote or sell Suunto products. When you apply the access to the API let us know if you have commercial interests or special marketing activities in your mind.


1. Learn

Learn about the partner program at Welcome Partner site.

If you want to get more insight on what the API is offering today, read about the API. There is more indepth documentation about the contents you are able to get from api in Integration API You can also check the latest partners that have been published such as Strava, Trainingpeaks


Apply for access to the API in order to start development. When submitting your application you need to accept the API agreement. Highlight your interests regarding marketing and commercial collaboration as well. The applications are reviewed on weekly bases, so you have to wait few days prior getting the acceptance. There is maximum two week waiting period.

Part of the application is the API agreement. This will be given on the form, when you select that you are interested to get access to Suunto Cloud API. Remember to provide all the developers on the webform, as they will be invited to get the access to APIZONE. You can apply to the program by filling the following webform:



Great! You have been accepted and you have received the email with some key information and access to marketing materials as well. You can now sign up and start development with the Development API. You can use the Development API with some limitations on the number of calls.


When you are ready you need to submit your application information in your profile page. Then subscribe to the production API. We will ensure that you have the submitted the needed information about your application.



We grant you access to production API and publish your application to


Use the marketing assets that we have provided to promote your users about the Suunto compatibility.